Purple Pacers

Purple Pacer is a virtual running series and works just like any other run you enter. The main difference is you can do it anywhere and at any time to suit you. Whether it's laps of your garden or loops of your estate, simply enter your event, log your evidence and raise a few quid.

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What is it?

We know the lockdown can affect your well-being and make us fall into unhealthy habits which make us feel worse. Joining the Purple Pacers will help you get into a healthy routine whilst supporting our NHS heroes.

Choose your distance and complete your sponsored 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon by running or walking at your own pace. With a medal for each event why not go the distance, take on all four and complete the set!

We appreciate that staying active can be difficult, especially with work or family to look after. So you can complete your distance at your own pace right up to Sunday 31 January!


At Birmingham Women's Hospital Charity, we are passionate about improving patient experience for all the women and families at our hospital. Thanks to kind and generous supporters like you, we are striving to provide our patients with a service over and above what the hospital alone can deliver.

Your fundraising can help us to offer:

  • Welfare services to support patients through difficult times and conversations
  • Innovative equipment, to make processes more efficient and enhance patient experiences
  • Research and development to find cures, better treatments and utilise new technology
  • A better environment, with new buildings and refurbishments to keep our hospital appealing and fit for use

We thank you for helping us to achieve our vision of better patient care, enhanced facilities and an improved hospital experience and a community that we are proud of.

Case Study

Mum Nikki is running the Purple Pacers 10k to support our hospital's Woodland House appeal to help families who suffer baby loss at any stage of their pregnancy.

"My gorgeous boy was still born at Birmingham Women's Hospital at 42 weeks. Charlie was our first child after 12 years together. My whole pregnancy ran without any issues, no areas for concern, all was in order at the last mid wife check just days earlier at home. But after reduced movement one morning we took ourselves into the hospital. My boy had fallen asleep forever and my heart broke forever in that second that we were told there was no heartbeat. The devastation was indescribable and the effects on me, my then husband and my family continue to this day.

The women's hospital supported us all every step of the way and I know I can always get in touch. I am forever grateful and I know that the project for Woodland House will help the team support families so much more in the future. This year I will be completing the 10k as a Purple Pacer."

Join parents like Nikki and become a Purple Pacer to help support the women, babies and families at Birmingham Women's Hospital.

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How it works

Choose your Purple Pacer event

Choose either a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon, join our team and receive your medal when you're done!

Set your fundraising target and pay your registration fee

You can set up your JustGiving page when you register and adjust your target to whatever works for you. Your £5 registration covers the cost to the charity of managing this event and all of your fundraising will go directly to Birmingham Women's Hospital. Your shiny new medal, postage and packaging is included within your registration fee. Find out how they spend charitable funds at www.bwh.org.uk/how-we-spend-your-money

Track your distance

You can track your distance in whatever way works for you. This could be using an app such as Strava, a Fitbit or even manually recording your distances by simply uploading a photo of your run. To help with your fundraising, if you choose to use Strava, you can activate a link on your JustGiving Page which will automatically show your progression.

Log your evidence

When you sign up you'll have your own dashboard where you can log your distances. When complete, our team will send you your corresponding medal, so you can show it off.

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Fundraising & Training

To help you with your fundraising, you will automatically be assigned a JustGiving page to share online with your family, friends and colleagues. To help make the most of your page you can:

  • Share your story – Let everyone know why you're raising money and add a photo so they recognise it's you. You can even adjust your fundraising target.
  • Share your page – You can share your page link on Facebook and other social media. Add it to a WhatsApp group, text it to a friend or email to your colleagues.
  • Share your milestones – Keep an eye on your page as the donations increase, you can share updates on your progress with text and photos.

Once a week, JustGiving automatically sends the money that is on your page to Birmingham Women's Hospital Charity.

There's no minimum fundraising, raise whatever you can. However, if you manage to reach £200 we'll post you one of our special purple heart running vests which you can wear with pride.

Raise over £300 and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a Birmingham Women's Hospital Charity hoodie.


Are you one of our top ten Purple Pacers? Can you take the top spot?

Charitable donations allow us to be at the forefront of what is possible for our patients and families and we're very grateful to everyone who supports us. Your fundraising will make our hospital more welcoming, allow us to purchase life-saving equipment, or even fund research that will make sure we are always at the forefront of what is possible. Thank you and good luck with your fundraising.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual event is a race with complete freedom. You can run wherever you want, and run at your own pace.

As this is a virtual event, you'll be completing it on your own in a location of your choosing. Therefore to earn your medal, you need to submit evidence that you have covered the distance.

Evidence can be anything that proves you have covered the full distance of your virtual event. For example screenshots from tracking apps or photos of your running watch.

If you don't have a device that tracks your running you can also post a picture of your run, some scenery, your running shoes, whatever you like! This is just so we have the distance recorded and can help you keep a track of how far off your target you are.

To submit the evidence that you've completed your virtual event distance, log in by clicking ‘My Account'. Here you will see all the virtual events you have joined and you'll be able to start the process of claiming your medal.

Complete the required fields and upload your evidence screenshots or photos from your run. Confirm all the details are correct and hit the ‘Submit Evidence' button. You'll see an on-screen confirmation that your evidence has been submitted.

Evidence should be uploaded in the form of a screenshot. Accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png.

You can run wherever you like, as long as you can show evidence of the run. Run through city streets, forests, parks, trails or on the treadmill - the choice is yours.

You can complete the distance at your own pace up until Sunday 11th October 2020. As long as your evidence shows you have completed the distance then you will receive your medal.

All of our virtual events can be completed by walking instead of running if you'd prefer.

You can either submit evidence for multiple runs that equal your virtual event distance overall, or run the whole distance at once. If you finish the virtual event over more than one run, you will need to submit multiple pieces of evidence that show you have completed runs that add up to the full distance.

Your medal will be sent to you when you have completed your distance. Shipping times vary depending on your location. You'll receive a confirmation email to let you know when your evidence has been approved.

Yes. If you are under 16 years old you will just need a parent or guardian to sign up for you.

The Fundraising Team would love to hear from you at bwc.events@nhs.net – they can't wait to hear how you're getting on!